There is beauty all around us, but I think most people are so caught up in the daily grind, we forget to stop and take it in. Every day, I walk around my neighborhood with my spirited 7yr old beagle. Most times, my head is buried in a novel as I walk the few miles around my block and into the hills.  I figure, hey, I walk this route so much, there’s nothing to see that I don’t already know about, so might as well get some reading in. I am always amazed when I pick my head up to check my surroundings, so occasionally, I venture out in the mornings with my camera strapped to my back, just in case inspiration strikes.  I think I got about 1/2 a block from my house when I saw the beautiful scene depicted below. I walk by this every day and it wasn’t until 6+yrs into my routine, that I stopped to appreciate what has always been right in front of my eyes. Enjoy the world around you people.

Yash Dhillon