This past summer was my first trip ever to Toronto and when I touched down, the first person I went to visit was my good friend GURPREET CHANA (aka The Tabla Guy). It just so happens that on the same day, Gurpreet and his latest musical collaborator, violinist/producer MASON BACH, were to be interviewed by, so they asked if I would like to tag along for the interview session at The Gladstone Hotel. I gladly jumped at the chance and grabbed my camera to make sure I took full advantage of the situation. Both artists are classically trained, one in the tabla, the other in the violin, each full-time musicians gaining favorable notoriety throughout Canada and beyond over the past decade. When the two met during a local festival and free-styled over MB’s sythn-heavy modulated experimental dance tracks, a new duo was born. Gurpreet is one of THE go-to tabla players in all of North America and even knowing this, I’m still surprised when I hear his name come up. Rollin’ through Southern Cali with singer/songwriter Jason Joseph, we were listening to a CD he had in his car from fellow Berklee School of Music alum, Jennie Laws. On one of the tracks I heard a sick tabla riff, so I opened up the CD jacket to check the credits only to find my man Gurpreet listed as the player. Random. He’s so ill, his craftsmanship can be heard on Nelly Furtatdo’s Folklore record, in which he provided tabla beatscapes for a handful of tracks. Now-a-days you can hear his tabla battle hip-hop scratching on Toronto’s own 93.5FM during the traffic jam hour. Needless to say, he’s a busy cat  Mason’s career was underway at the age of 3, when his classical violin training began and his education continues to this day with extensive post-graduate work in the implementation of MIDI controllers & human interface design, exploring the limitless capabilities of electronic audibles. His success is certifiable with several offerings available on the mecca for electronic music, If you ever find yourself in Toronto and lucky enough to be around when The Tabla Guy & Mason Bach grace a stage, GO. Until then, here’s a taste of their live show…and while you’re at it, here’s another taste. Thanks for the hang fellaz, hopefully I’ll be back soon with Logic & my MPC in tow next time.

Yash Dhillon