DJ Mirandom presents Bella Kicks

Every now and then, I meet a person who just exudes art. You know the type, that tends to excel at not just one medium of creative expression, but rather at several mediums concurrently. Meet my friend Miranda Maxwell (aka DJ Mirandom). She’s a DJ. Not just any DJ, she was one of the first females to come out of the late Jam Master Jay’s Scratch DJ Academy in NYC. She’s a model. She’s a painter. She knits. She studied photography in school. She teaches arts & crafts to young kids and mentors teenagers to discover their creative potential (you might have heard of one of the kids she mentored, Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future (OFWGKTA)). Her mom was a professional DJ in the ’70s. Yeah, for real. Basically, this is one bad-ass chick and she’s celebrating her feminine roots and love for sneakers in the solo art exhibit, BELLA KICKS. I stopped by her studio to take shots of some of the pieces that will be for sale at this one time Los Angeles exhibit, which are compiled together in the video below as a sneak preview. The remix track of Al Green’s “Love & Happiness” you hear in the background of the video is a rough-cut of part of a mixtape DJ Mirandom and myself are working on. And speaking of music, as if women & sneakers aren’t enough reasons to enjoy a liquor-sponsored art event, Miranda asked me to DJ the event, so I shall “paint” the aural canvas for the night…expect a whole lot of scrumptious-neck-jerk-underground-beat-sauce from me & my Tech1200s. Info below, hope to see you there:

Miranda Maxwell presents
Premier Los Angeles Solo Painting Exhibition celebrating Females/Sneaker Culture
Portfolio 360
7665 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles
(6-7pm by appointment)
Music by: DJ Roarkyd (

Yash Dhillon