Fonogenic Studios

I can’t stand those people who dismiss the valley because it is “The Valley”. You know nothing about Los Angeles if you automatically dismiss the northside of the hill…if you catch yourself judging by the digits “818”, stop reading…you don’t deserve to know about this beautiful gem tucked away in “The Valley”. (Okay, are they gone yet?) Introducing FONOGENIC, a full service studio with an amazing vibe, talented ownership, a not only technically superior engineer, but fellow creator of illmatic music & home to a ridiculous amount of vintage (functioning) gear…for REAL (see pics below, ALL of that gear works). First of all, 1/2 the studio is owned by Rami Jaffee…in case you don’t know who that is, he’s part of The Wallflowers and often contributes to Foo Fighters’ projects – lucky bastard  Actually, that ain’t luck, its pure, raw talent that gets one in that company (speaking of, the very same room where we recorded Jason Joseph’s album was where the Foo Fighters themselves threw down some recordings…the energy in there is undeniably magical, which is key to any studio space). The other 1/2 is owned by fellow Los Angeles native Ran Pink (that’s right, this studio is true LOCAL). Talented producing/composing duo to say the least, they are backed by Mr. Unsung Party Hero himself, Jams Frrever, a very talented sound engineer/producer/composer (& MC) who you’ll be hearing about in a separate posting soon – Jams is the guy who mixed my first official release, so he deserves his own posting for that bit of aural goodness  Alright people, consider yourself informed on the recording tip. If your project is in need of a studio with that special energy to feed from and a qualified group of vets to help capture that sound, look no further, Fonogenic is the spot.

Yash Dhillon