The Lost Pics feat. Nicco

A photographer can never predict what images their clients will gravitate towards for the plain and simple fact that everyone has their own unique taste. All you can do is put forth your best effort behind the lens, give the client images you make and let the chips fall where they may. There are so many sessions I’ve had where some of my favorite images will never see the light of day. Up until now, all I’ve ever chosen to share on my blog are the final images used by my clients. To shake things up, I wanted to show you images from a photo session I had with international recording artist Nicco, that did not make the final cut. This session was a fun challenge, because the day of the shoot, I found out I had to pull off a rain shot…something I was not informed of until the artist arrived at my studio. Needless to say, after spending 13yrs working for a whimsical boss who would change the direction of development like he changed his shirt every day, I learned how to handle shifting requirements on the spot and my resourcefulness sprung into action. The family donated their backyard and a garden hose and voila, we got rain in the middle of summer!

Yash Dhillon