Welcome to the world Javaan!

Ok, every now and then, I have to get real personal on the blog and nothing gets more personal than welcoming a new member of the family into the world…and this lil’ guy is special to me because he’s the first Grewall to be born into what we’ve affectionately dubbed the “Family Circus”. Meet Javaan S. Grewall, born Feb 1, 2012, to the proud parents of my lil’ bro/cuz Slim Shady (aka Sim Grewall) and his beautiful wife Andrea. I’m a true sap, because I can’t hold my emotions in check when major life moments like this happen. Case in point, when Sim & Dre got engaged, I showed up to their house with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label, thinking we were gonna get down & party. But when Sim & Dre opened the door to their crib, I just could not hold back the flood-works. I was overjoyed that these two beautiful souls found one another and get to share their lives together, so I just let it all out, right there on the front doorstep. Yesterday was no exception either. I thought I would be alright, even had a pep-talk with myself on the elevator ride up to the 3rd floor, “You’ll be alright dawg, you got this…don’t cry.” And you know what, I didn’t cry when I got into the room; I had a lump in my throat and fought off the tears, but I held it in. Nice work, I thought to myself….but, honestly, who am I kidding…as the realization started to sink in, that my lil’ brother is now a daddy, that his son was in my hands, that he finally gets to share the love I see him share with all the kids around us with his own newborn son, I did eventually lose it. Ah well, that’s what family is for, to unabashedly share your emotions with, good or bad. And this was all good. This was just pure awesomeness. Luckily, I had my camera with me when I went to meet the lil’ hommie and took a few snaps of him to share with you all. Welcome to the world Javaan, I can’t wait to watch you grow into a young man like your dad. Congrats Sim & Dre, he’s such a cutie!!!…and just in case anyone was wondering, I cried as I wrote this…yup, I’m a sap.

Yash Dhillon