Nicki Hodolik

I’ve known Nicki Hodolik for about 3yrs now. Met her behind the turntables on a Monday night. I was on the 1200z, she had just landed up in Los Angeles from Germany and appreciated the underground music as a professional dancer. We had a common friend. Instant bond. From the time we met, to the time this finally happened, we’ve always gone back & forth about setting up a quick shoot. Never happened. Until this year. When she happens to live in Germany, not LA, but she’d be in town for 10 days and needed some pics for her portfolio. No problem, I call up my cuz, Priscilla. Hold up, back up for a sec. I met both Nicki & Priscilla in the same location. Weird. Maybe not. Not. Jump back to this past September, when Priscilla became a Dhillon – that’s right, she married my newphew, Pepe, who is actually 1yr older than me (that’s how JATTs do – don’t ask). Priscilla, now a Dhillon (did I mention that?), is an extremely gifted make-up artist. Who happens to rock hair too. She wanted to work on her book. I wanted to photograph more artists for my clothing line (coming soon). Nicki was in town. This is perfect. The results…

Director of Photography: Roarkyd
Make-up & Hair: Priscilla K. Dhillon
Model: Nicki Hodolik

Yash Dhillon