Good Lookin' by Anthony Valadez feat. Bird

Anthony Valadez and his label, Plug Research, liked the 1st music video I directed for the track “Searching For” , so they decided to circle back and give me a crack at another song on AntVala’s LP “In Search Of”, this one titled “Good Lookin'” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of BIRD. So, by this point, I’m pretty damn giddy about the 2nd opportunity to create visuals for them. Anthony has been a friend for years who’ve I’ve watched grow into quite an amazing artist. He started as a DJ, burgeoned into a radio personality on KCRW and then elevated his game by showing off his production skillz with a trio of high quality album releases, making his way onto one of my favorite record labels of all time, Plug Research. Having only a week’s deadline to make this happen, I had to get creative fast, so I pitched them a narrative I wasn’t 100% would translate to the end viewer. There was no way for me to predict the amount of positive feedback & coverage we’d get for the video and was completely surprised when I saw who reviewed it & actually understood the narrative, including,!!), & to name a few. Instead of explaining the story, I’d rather you just watch it for yourself. Once again, big ups to AntVala & Plug for the opportunity and huge nod to BIRD, who is not only an incredible vocalist & songwriter and all around good dude, but quite a ridiculously talented filmmaker as well. Fellaz, it was an honor to create with you…

“Good Lookin'” by Anthony Valadez feat. Bird
off AntVala’s release “IN SEARCH OF…” on PlugResearch

Directed by: Roarkyd
Cinematography & Editing by: Roarkyd
Starring: Anne-Tyler Harshbarger & Nayeli Adorador-Knudsen

Yash Dhillon