BAKED | Wednesdays | POT Lobby Bar @ The Line Hotel

My people, I’m very excited to announce my new DJ residency w/king selectah ANTHONY VALADEZ at the POT LOBBY BAR inside THE LINE HOTEL (Koreatown). The bumpage jumps off EVERY WEDNESDAY from 8PM-12AM. We’ll be servin’ up a tasty blend of beats, soul, hip-hop and all things groove-licious, while the legendary Roy Choi & his people help satisfy your appetite with some of the best food in Los AngelesGrub. Sip some nectar. Chill out & vibe with us. It’s all love & happinessevery week. See you there!

B  A  K  E  D
Wednesdays Nights | 8PM-1AM
POT Lobby Bar @ The Line Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd. | Koreatown |

Yash Dhillon