The Dance a Short Film

Second in a series of short narratives I directed for “Garren & Cohan”, the composer duo of Brady Cohan and Ross Garren, is “THE DANCE”which tells the story of the dance we all go through in the never ending search for love. Enjoy!

a Short Film by Yashraj S. Dhillon
Starring: Charlene Rose & Roman Vasquez
Written by: Yashraj S. Dhillon
Directed by: Yashraj S. Dhillon
Cinematography by: Yashraj S. Dhillon & Jahmel A. Holden
Editing by: Yashraj S. Dhillon
Original Music/Score by: Garren & Ross
Produced by: Yashraj S. Dhillon
Executive Producer(s): Brady Cohan & Ross Garren

Yash Dhillon