Welcome to My World


Welcome to my world, ROARKYD.COM, a sometimes daily, weekly or monthly look into my triple life-style of Photography, Music & Theater. Through this site, I’d like to give you a peek into my world behind the lens & behind the turntables. I’ll share with you special moments from some of my favorite & unique photo sessions, music I’m working on, shows where I’m performing, DJ sets to vibe with during your day and, like it or not, my opinion on all things creative. You’ll even get to see some of the films I’ve been a part of and if you’re so inclined (who knows if you have the patience), you’ll get to read some of my spoken word poetry & short stories.

This is a place for discovery, discussion and creative growth. This is where my professional lives merge.

PHOTOGRAPHY: As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a camera in my hand. Most of my friends & family get annoyed with the volume of snapping I do, but everyone is ecstatic when they see the results. I love to document life. In my opinion, you can basically point your lens in any direction, at any time, in any situation at any location in this world and capture something amazing. I am lucky and blessed to do this for a living.

MUSIC: I DJ, I produce, I drop knowledge via Spoken Word. Believe it or not, that side of my life started as a young kid obsessed with the game “Pitfall” on the OG Atari video game system. Instead of listening to the happy bleep-blip sounds of the cartridge-era game, I would mute the TV and put on my own music. Back in the day that meant using a dual cassette player to manually switch back & forth from one tape-deck to the other…old school! That behavior of setting my own soundtrack eventually lead me to the turntables, which after nearly 2 decades of wreckin’ wax, has lead me to production. 2 albums, a solo debut & duo collab, are in the works. Should be fun a ride 

So there you have it. Welcome. I want to share all things creative I enjoy with you. Good art needs to breathe, it needs legs to stand on and walk. Join me to help spread the beauty we all find in art on the daily. Come back often. More pics. More music. More recommendations. More LOVE.

Yash Dhillon