Farmacopeia Fridays at 4:20

Ah yes, medicinals…herbal, holistic remedies for all of life’s big & small ailments. For those lucky enough to reside in California, the medication available to your average holistic patient far exceed your typical homeopathy & apothecary supplies. Out here, we go GREEN, which means collectives and/or dispensaries are the place to be for those holding a prescription to blaze. Welcome to FARMACOPEIA ORGANICA, your local holistic service provider. Conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills, this dispensary reaches far beyond the traditional practice of growing & supplying outstandingly perfect Indica’s & Sativa’s (the local speciality “Siddartha” is a must for connoisseurs). They take it a step further and promote healthy living. Whether you seek a hazy puff or a cleanse of your vital organs, Farmacopeia is a one-stop information hub dedicated to your better health via natural, holistic care. Stop in, let them help teach you how to LIVE WELL. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Yash Dhillon