Anthony Valadez, Creative Director of All Things Fresh

I live a dual, often times triple, life.  Photography is a major piece and so is Music, my first love. I’ve been a DJ for the greater part of the last 2 decades, so many of my connections come from that side of my life. A few years back during a live performance @ Temple Bar, I met DJ ANTHONY VALADEZ. Without a doubt, he is on my MUST HEAR list of local DJs in Los Angeles (actually, he’s one of the best DJs I’ve ever heard, period). I recently paid him a visit during his show on KCRW; we used to spin together @ Libertine when he got the gig.  This head is a king selector, droppin’ heat that I challenge you to stand idle to; he’s one of the best at forcing the issue of bump.  Lucky for everyone in Southern Cali, aside from running a quality radio program, he continues to wreck wax LIVE every Friday Night for VIBRATE @ Zanzibar in Santa Monica and every Saturday Night for FAST FWD @ Little Temple in Silverlake.  You have to hear this brotha spin. T-shirt & sneakers are all you need, because you’ll sweat. His song selection is something to marvel at.  You can tune in to the CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF ALL THINGS FRESH and listen to Mr. Valadez every MONDAY NIGHT, 12-3AM, on 89.9 KCRW or on the web @ whenever you like. I highly recommend the show for quality sounds. And finally, to top it all off, he just dropped an insane debut record, titled AUDIO/VISUAL. It’s a lush soulful journey, one I’ve enjoyed quite a few times and look to spin in my future sets. Please check out his music, his blog, his short films, his world. He’s an amazing talent and a great individual; good heart, good soul, good mind.  It was a pleasure to roam the halls of my favorite station and watch one of my all time favorite DJs do his thing live on the radio. Thank you Anthony for the build. My people, keep up with this cat:

Yash Dhillon