Spring Weddings

You gotta love Spring, especially if you live in Southern California. Colors are bursting through all around us, the sun shines bright & warm and a general calm takes over us. The weather is gorgeous, naturally, so many hopeful couples pick this time of year as the perfect setting for their wedding. Being a photographer, you get invited into people’s lives during very special occasions, marriage being one of those at the top of the list. It is a true honor & pleasure to be the one who captures the moments as they unfold and its even more special to me when I get to share my work with my family. My cousin, my lil’ sis, Deepee, is getting married this Spring, so in prep for the happy occasion, I took them out for some engagement photos. Props to her fiance Rich for playing the part; Deepee did a great job as well, when I could actually stop her from laughing during the session. You have to know her, she’s all smiles, all laughs, all the time. Gotta love it! Deepee & Rich, I love you and April can’t come soon enough.

Yash Dhillon