Definition of a Road-Dawg

It’s a term many throw around loosely, but truly only applies to a rare few in your circle of friends, “Oh _____? That’s my ROAD-DAWG”. Taken literally, its the spontaneous compadre who travels with you wherever, whenever. But in its adaptation, it’s come to mean much much more. To me, a road-dawg is that ride-or-die friend. No matter how difficult life gets, no matter how deep you manage to step in shit, no matter how badly the odds are stacked up against you, no matter how much time passes in-between seeing or talking to one another, when you ask, in your time of need, be it a joyous or sad occasion, a true road-dawg will always be by your side. He’s there to lift you up in your darkest moments and share in the celebration of your happiest. He takes the word “friend” seriously and wears it on his heart like a badge of honor. He never forgets or allows others to influence his bond with you; its unbreakable and life-long. He doesn’t judge you; he simply accepts you, both the good & the bad. He will never project his bullshit onto you. He’s the guy that will charge into a hostile crowd without thinking about himself, because he’s worried about YOU. He’s equally affected by anyone doing you wrong as if someone was doing him wrong. It’s a powerful bond, one I’ve felt I’ve had with many in the past, but realize that only the rare few can truly be dubbed a “Road-Dawg”.

That’s Micah to me. 13+yrs ago, we met on set of the TNT movie-of-the-week, HOUDINI (1998). I was the Office PA for the production company and Micah was the Set PA. I was a young actor trying to make my way, he was a young painter/illustrator already making waves. Our bond was routed in creativity, instant and has never faded since the day we met. Unbeknownst to him, he is probably one of the most positively influential people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing my whole life. His energy is infectious. He is family to me and although he’s been back East for many years, his road-dawg status is as strong as it ever was.

I have a solid group of friends…but Micah? That’s my ROAD-DAWG.

Yash Dhillon