Liz Fohl

One thing I love as a photographer is natural light. There is so much one can pull off in-camera with just the sun, diffusers and reflectors (on a personal note, you’ll always catch me reflecting silver unless its for a composite and I have to mimic the sunlight, then gold…but there’s nothing like that silver bounce, period!).

This session was unique to me, because at no point did I have to use any type of artificial lighting; at the very least I’ll pack my SB900’s just in-case I need to reach for portable lighting on a day-shoot, and I most certainly always end up pulling out those flashes. That was not the case this time around, when I was hired to photograph Liz Fohl, a Berklee School of Music singer/songwriter transplant to Los Angeles.

We split up the shoot over 2 sessions because of time constraints and in both sessions (1st in studio, 2nd outdoors), the sun was all we needed to capture Liz’s sweet, fun, classical & youthful energy. The funny part is when I sent her pics from the 1st session, she was feeling uncomfortable because the feedback she received made her shy, to say the least.

Needless to say, the girl needs to get comfortable taking compliments. I’m guessing it will take some convincing (if that’s even possible), for her to learn to accept certain adjectives to describe her look  Liz, it was a pleasure…looking forward to the next session. My people, feel free to check out Liz’s music right here. I’m really diggin’ the dubstep track “When I’m I’ll”…definitely took me by surprise, but her voice fits perfectly on the cinematic beat (makes sense, since the song was written for a film score) . Shows a lot of diversity to go from that to “Wild” and I for one am looking forward to collaborating with her on some tracks.  Yup, we’re talking since she’s on the hunt to work with some experimental beats and mine are about as experimental as they come, so lets see if we can make something happen. Until then, here are some of my favorites from our session(s)…

Yash Dhillon