Fire by Yael Meyer (Roarkyd RMX)

OK, I’ve been sitting on this since Nov2011, was allowed to spread the word in late Feb/Mar2012, just after my last newsletter, but work consumed me since. None the less, here it is…I am very, very excited to share with you the release of my first official track, a remix I did for the talented singer/songwriter Yael Meyer. The track is called “FIRE” and it is the first single off Yael’s most recent LP titled “Everything Will Be Alright”. I got linked with Yael through her husband, Dani (who just so happens to be her manager as well). Dani & I met through my Monday night residency; he’s part of the crew that occupies the same space as us in the early 1/2 of the night, so Dani and his people would stick around through some of my DJ sets. The connection came off the appreciation for the underground. I loved his wife’s first record, so it wasn’t hard to make up my mind when asked to be part of the remix project. Dani asked me if I produce, I said yup…& bam…remix. She reached out to a variety of producers, 9 total, to give their take on the song. Mine is just above. Take a listen. If you like, its a FREE DOWNLOAD. And if you really like, please feel free to share with people you think would appreciate the vibe. Also, you can listen to the original song and stream/download the entire remix project for free right here. My favorite off the remix project is this cat Entricut. Dude is sick. In fact, Dani ended up reaching out to Entricut after hearing me spin his stuff at my gig. Outside the challenge of delivering something the artist likes, it was just an honor to be on a comp with a talented producer like Entricut. To make it even more random, the guy who mastered my track is Entricut’s brother, Jams Frrever (aka UnsungPartyHero).

At any rate, its a milestone for me to finally get out that first track. Many more to come very soon. I sincerely appreciate any and everyone who took the time out of their busy day to listen. I hope everyone, at the very least, tries to enjoy music you love every single day…

Yash Dhillon