Gratuity at The Room SM


TONIGHT Aug 27th, I’m looking forward to dropping the “Appetizer” set at GRATUITY,which kicks off at 9:30pm at The Room in Santa Monica. This is by far one of my favorite venues in Southern Cali, not to mention one of my favorite crew of DJs to build with. They are always droppin’ quality cuts on the Tech12z and asked me back for another opening session. As usual, I’m in an underground state of mind, so expect a health dose of eclectic bumps, including downtempo, dub, left-field hip-hop instrumentals, (chilled-out) dubstep, bass, electronica w/beats, beats &  more beats. I hit the decks early & prompt at 9:30PM, so roll thru, grab a booth w/your girl, sip some nectar and get lost in a daze of GROWN-FOLK music served up by yours truly…

the Westside’s Service Industry GET-DOWN
(14th St. & Santa Monica Blvd. | Enter behind CENTRAL)
1323 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
9:30PM – 2AM

Yash Dhillon