Garren & Cohan

“Garren & Cohan” is the musical composer duo of the very talented Brady Cohan and Ross Garren. Brady has literally, I shit you not, in the last year dropped FOUR ALBUMS. Yeah dude. 4 records. Believe it, its true. A solo project, a rock trio project (Knee High) and 2 EPs w/Ross (a multi-instrument talent, keys, harmonica, you name it) as the duo “Garren & Cohan”. All while holding down a busy tour schedule on American Idol (where does he find the time???). I’ve had the pleasure of helping them brand their sound via visuals, being given the unique task of designing both their albums (not to mention all of Brady’s other projects), shooting a promo video for their most recent release and to direct a multitude of short films that depict visual narratives of their music. Now, I’m not going to let everything out of the bag just yet, but below you’ll find the album designs (one was a physical CD release, the other digital only, both which incorporate my original photography) as well as a promo video (above) for their 2nd release “The Unseen EP”, which dropped this past Spring2013 and features a live performance of the opening song on the record. I told you, if you’re an artist that needs help translating your brand to the market, in all forms (web, design, video), then you need to call me. TRUST. And if you need a reference, call Brady & Ross.

Yash Dhillon