Like A Boss: Sardar Fashion Editorial

Three years ago, I had the honor of photographing the wedding of Jasmeen & Jasjit, an amazingly loving & artistic couple. If you can hire me for a wedding, consider yourself lucky. I vet clients like crazy. I’m actually interviewing you for the job, not vice versa. Why? Because a wedding is a major life event and if you don’t get along with your photographer, it will show in absolutely every photo. So, I actually turn down quite a few weddings a year because the vibe isn’t right with the couple or if we don’t seem to bond on a creative level. We aren’t just hired guns, we are artists that are there to capture a very special day in your life, so it matters more to me than booking the gig that we are all comfortable with one another. Jasmeen & Jasjit were probably one of the funnest & most open-minded couples I got to work with and its lead into a lasting friendship. So much so, that Jasjit is actually one of the models for my upcoming clothing line – oh yeah, you didn’t know I was about to launch a clothing line, did ya? Sit tight, you’ll see soon enough, but for now, that bomb-ass hoodie is mine  He’s a damn good looking cat with a bright future, so I’m always excited to get behind the lens when called into action. Jasmeen & Jasjit reached out to me a couple months ago to shoot a quick fashion editorial for Jasjit to submit to a GQ Magazine competition. I’m a ninja behind the lens. I love to pull off shoots on the fly, using a mix of natural light & flash. This shoot we probably pulled off in less than 2hrs, shooting in 3 separate locations with 3 separate wardrobe changes. Jasmeen styles her man, Jasjit models LIKE A BOSS and I take the pics. Voila, there ya have it, the “Like a Boss” Sardar Fashion Editorial:

Director of Photography: Roarkyd
Stylist: Jasmeen K. Randhawa Dhanoa
Model: Jasjit S. Dhanoa

Yash Dhillon