Behind-the-Scenes: Fashion Editorials

Last summer, I started to expand my photography services into video work. To be honest, I view it more like a move BACK to shooting film, because in the ’80s (yes, I mean the 1980s), I used to make short films with my dad’s VCR/Video camera – remember those? You’d have a 2-piece massive VHS player and 1/2 of it would detach, fit into a satchel you wore across your chest to record from an even more massive video camera on your shoulders. Ah yes, those were the days  At any rate, long story short, I eventually moved to stills and then brought back the video work to round out the visual services I provide. And I’m not just providing cinematography services alone, because you see, that wouldn’t be utilizing the full spectrum of my creative talents. I shoot, edit & score most of my own videos (the only instances in which I don’t score my own videos, is of course when I’m hired to do a music video or hired by a scoring team to create content surrounding an existing song/score – keep an eye out for artist promo & music videos on the blog soon). The videos below cover 2 editorial shoots by photographer Kevin Michael Schmitz. Each is a quick, hand-held, behind-the-sceneslook at what it takes, start-to-finish, to pull off a commercial fashion editorial. The stills in the videos are shots I took in-between my cinematography duties on set (some of which are included below). What can I say, I like to provide a lot of creative services normally reserved for a team of people. Why? Because I can. So, the next time you think you need to hire a photographer, cinematographer, editor & composer, think twice about it and just call me  Enjoy!

Yash Dhillon