Unwrapped a Bollywood Editorial

Bollywood cinema posters are iconographic and convey a visual language.  The images depicted Indian women as lonely housewifes, long suffering & heartbroken, and at times overly sexualized – but almost always, they were defined in relation to the yearning of a man’s love.   In our series “Unwrapped”, our inspiration comes directly from these Bollywood posters, but we wanted to challenge these old visual narratives.  Our photographs balance this hyphenated identity – they portray female protagonists, who, while retaining aesthetics of iconic posters of a bygone era,  flip gender normsand challenge the notion that only men have a monopoly on self determination.  These women are rebels, leaping off those posters and are in firm control of their destiny, freeing themselves from the images of the past.

Producer: Sohini Sengupta
Director of Photography: Roarkyd (aka Yashraj Dhillon)
Makeup Artist: Jessica Davis
Special F/X Makeup Artist: Veronica Loza
Hair Stylist: DaRico Jackson
Hair Stylist Assistant: Jamal Ali
Wardrobe Stylist: Salette Corpuz
Fashion Designer: Goody Dhillon
Models: Anita Vora, Sangita Sanyal, Dior Patterson

Yash Dhillon