1973 LP Promo PT2: Oakland to SF

“1973” LP Promo Pt2: Oakland to SF via the Old Bay Bridge
 from Roarkyd on Vimeo.

2nd in a series of videos leading up to the release of my debut LP“1973″ (9-15-2013). Armed with my GoPro2 mounted on the hood of my rental car, I captured the last time I’ll drive from Oakland to San Francisco via the Old Bay Bridge. The new Bay Bridge is open for biz! The beat is titled “Love Hurts” and its the 2nd track leaked off my debut LP, available as a FREE D/L for a limited time.

ROARKYD’s 2nd release, his debut LP, “1973”, is a lush, synth-heavy, bass-injected exploration of dirty hip-hop instrumentals & cinematic sound design which tell the audible story of his life.

Yash Dhillon